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Hey there Guys & Gals!

We are the Trunk & Disorderly Consignment Shop, located in Worcester, MA! We are a quirky yet stylish consignment shop that gets one of a kind finds coming and going every day! We have been at our current location since March of 2012 and already have won the Award of Best Consignment Shop by Worcester Magazine in the year 2013. We are excited to finally have this site together for you to browse new pieces! We have reached up to 500 consignors, with new pieces coming every Friday & Saturday, we will try to update as often as possible but keep checking our facebook and instagram! @trunkndisorderly . Keep in mind though, all sales are final considering we are consignment (once the item is sold, we split the cost 50/50 with the person who brought me the piece!), if you were interested in selling pieces with us, please feel free to email thetrunkndisorderly@yahoo.com to ask any questions :)


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Ashley Troy

Trunk & Disorderly

122 Main Street

Worcester, MA